HM Print – Anna Rumsby


HM Queen Elizabeth II is well known for wearing colourful skirt suits and dresses with matching accessories. This spectrum of colour has been joyfully brought to life by illustrator Anna Rumsby, displaying 12 “looks” filled with character, from feather-topped hats to accompanying gloves, handbags and purses. Anna spent her formative years living in Kenya and Australia where she was inspired by colour and textiles.

“The print was made as part of my MA in Children’s Book Illustration inspired by the joyful colours and outfits of HM. Initially, the illustrations were shown in the form of a picture book with the aim of introducing children to colours however, it was later adapted to belong in people’s homes as a print.”

– Anna Rumsby

Anna Rumsby (b. 1979, Suffolk) lives and works in Suffolk. Rumsby studied Fashion Design at University of Derby (2003) and MA Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art (2014). In 2016 she was awarded a scholarship to study at The Royal Drawing School and has since been teaching on their Young Artists programme alongside supporting SEN adults with art and crafts in Suffolk.