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Drawn to Architecture

Thursday 12 September – Sunday 1 December 2019

Our Autumn exhibition explores the built environment in which we live and how different artists take inspiration from it.


We are excited to share the work of artists; Gerry Buxton, Anne Desmet RA, Gareth Fuller, Luke Adam Hawker, Joshua Kerley, Graham Martin, Jo Peel, Daniel Speight, Mairi Timoney, and Peter Wylie.

A century since the birth of the Bauhaus, a school of creativity that changed art and architecture in such a significant way, it is still influencing thoughts about the built environment in which we reside. Taking this design movement as our inspiration, our latest exhibition at ROSL delves into the urban environment and contemplates how art and architecture intersect. By avoiding photography in the selection of works, instead opting for genres of creative output that are more traditional, the exhibiting artists present a documentation of various architecture in a range of styles and media. Through this process there are points of the exhibition in which the works appear contradictory; with modern architecture depicted in traditional medium, offering a new perspective from which to look at structures we have seen many times before.

List of artwork

About the Artists