• ROSL_CurrentExhibition_RBA_Rising_Stars_JDonkor-Isabelle-60×80
  • ROSL_CurrentExhibition_RBA_Rising_Stars_OO_Callaghan-Expulsion-100×50
  • ROSL_CurrentExhibition_RBA_Rising_Stars_SBerkery-Notting Hill- 89×76
  • ROSL_CurrentExhibition_RBA_Rising_Stars_WLu-Bookshop- 100×150
  • ROSL_CurrentExhibition_RBA_Rising_Stars_KAnderson-MerryGoRound-100×100

RBA Rising Stars 2024

RBA RISING STARS, produced in partnership with the Royal Society of British Artists, showcases the extraordinary talent of 41 artists shortlisted for the RBA Rome Scholarship 2024.


24 April – 7 July 2024

The exhibition acts as a window into the breadth and diversity of UK emerging art scene. Presenting the perfect opportunity to engage with the work of the most promising young practitioners of today, RBA Rising Stars 2024 showcases the trajectory of what is to come in the leading contemporary art practices of the future. Amongst other awards for the finalists is a one-month residency at Sala Uno, an arts centre in the heart of Rome. The history of this collaboration with ROSL, which hosts the work of young artists aged 35 and under, began in 2017 and acknowledges the depth of emerging talent present across the UK in figurative forms of contemporary art.

Selected by the RBA Education Committee, RBA RISING STARS 2024 artists include Alice Gompels, Amelia Johnson, Amelia Johnson, Alexandra Charlotte Pullen, Catherine Chambers, Charlotte Jeacock, Dide, Emilio Bartolome Martin, Emily Hana, Efrat Merin, Ekine Tamunotonye, Ellie Moore HS, Joshua Donkor, Jack Dunnett, JJ Eteson, Jemima Lanario, Jemima Spence, Jemima Western, Kayoon Anderson, Keiti Forbes, Lucy Gregory, Louis Pohl Koseda, Madeleine Marg, Niall MacCrann, Nneka Uzoigwe, Nikolas Wereszczyński, Oluwasemilore Delano, Owain Hunt, Olivia O’Callaghan, Poppy Field, Patrick Robinson, Rosie Phillips, Shane Keisuke Berkery, Sarah Graham, Sophie Lloyd, Samuel Owusu Achiaw, Sian Ellis Tillott, Tedi Lena, Verity Ure-Jones, Wenjuan Lu and Zoë Dawes.

“This exciting exhibition contains an eclectic mix of media and styles. All the works display a high level of quality, skill and creativity and this show is a celebration of the talents of these young artists. We are grateful to ROSL and Huaicun Zhang HonRBA for their support and sponsorship in our work with young artists. We are delighted to say that three previous ‘RISING STARS’ have now ‘RISEN’ and are elected members of the Royal Society of British Artists!”

Mick Davies President RBA, Hon RBSA